Simpsons Fan Creates Real Tomacco Plant

Simpsons Fan Creates Real Tomacco Plant

Simpons' tombacco plant

What do you get when you graft a tomato plant and a tobacco plant? That’s right, tomacco! Scientists think (but have not tested it yet) that the tomato would contain nicotine. Would this finally be a way to cause people to eat their vegetables? I’m not so sure. From some research Google Search, it appears that nicotine does occur naturally in certain vegetables. Why then isn’t everyone addicted? The New England Journal of Medicine published this article: More on the Nicotine Content of Vegetables and the Arthritis Nightshades Research Foundation released this report entitled Nicotine in Vegetables by Dr. Norman F. Childers.

Report was originally found on Slashdot, but the source article for that was found on The Simpons Channel.

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