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Showers that the prisoners here used. Unlike Auschwitz, these were actually showers, not gas chambers. Showers were a maximum of three minutes and only non-Jewish women got hot water.

The Nazis had prisoners at Auschwitz write letters talking about how great it was there. The prisoners were then gassed to death and the letters were mailed out. Consequently, many prisoners at Terezin felt that Auschwitz was a good place and actually requested a transfer there. The Nazis, always looking for ways to create more room, were more then willing to comply. In fact, a prisoner that escaped Auschwitz made his way to the village of Terezin. He told people there the horrors of Auschwitz; unfortunately, people thought he was crazy and did not believe him. The first sign that something was amiss was when some children were transported from Auschwitz to Terezin. As they were pushed into the showers they screamed, “Gas! Gas!” Why, people thought, would these children be afraid of taking a shower? These children from Auschwitz did not know that the showers at Terezin were real and not gas chambers.

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