Spammers have horrible grammar

Here’s a spam email that I just received:


I see you are expressed interest in my item by bidding, i want to tell you that i have for sale, the winner of my auction didn’t respond to my emails. To purchase my item please reply me with the best offer for this item.

P.S. If you are interested i will wait your reply asap.

Thank you!

Wow! I would have thought this guy was an idiot even if it wasn’t marked as spam. It might have sounded better to type it in his own language and then use one of the free online translation services. However, the more likely thing is that he lacks the education to even know how horrible his grammar is. If I was trying to convince people to buy into my scam, I at least would have taken the time to make the email appear professional.

1 thought on “Spammers have horrible grammar

  1. ross

    well, horrible grammar people have

    i wonder whether he did use an online translation service or a combination of basic english skills and the translation service. i also wonder how many spammers have left comments arguing with this post which have been caught by your spam filter πŸ™‚

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