More Gmail Invites

Guess what? Google gave out some more Gmail invites! I now have 7 invites remaining. The FIRST SEVEN people that leave a comment here will get it. Please read that again. I only have 7 invites so once I’m out, I’m out. I’m not going to try and scavenge up some invites from friends like I did before.

Don’t worry. The first 7 people that respond will get an invite. However, I have a final coming up so I might not be able to send it right away.

3 remaining!!!

I also have some direct links to Gmail Invites…first come first served.

Please only take one!

13 thoughts on “More Gmail Invites

  1. alex korbeck

    Thanks for making these gmail invites available. It looks like I’m the third to comment so that should leave you with 5 left to give out. Thanks again and Happy New Year!

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