Googol may sue Google

Source; Another (longer) source (w/ interview)

The family of Professor Edward Kasner, the man who came up with the word “googol,” a term used to describe 10 raised to the 100th power, in a 1940 book, is thinking of suing Google if not given the opportunity to have insider access to Google’s IPO. “His relatives claim that he is spinning is his grave.” “She said that although Google has bought attention to the name, it has not bought attention to KasnerÂ’s work. Google was not using the concepts, but just capitalising on the name.”

From Slashdot post:
“Why can you even sue over this? If it’s a mathmatical [sic] concept it should be public domain. It’s the equivilent [sic] of suing someone over using the word dozen. You can’t trademark a quantity can you??”

I personally think that Google’s acknowledgement of the history behind the word “googol” is enough. Googol isn’t even trademarked. And, as the link with the interview says, there is really no legal case that Edward Kasner’s family can bring against Google. They are just hoping to cash in on the hard work of others…

Someone on Slashdot mentioned that a similar court case would be for Parker Brothers to sue Microsoft over the word “Monopoly.”

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