Google’s IPO Should have multipled by pi instead…

The amount of the $2.7bn [IPO] offering contains an inside joke for the math-minded. The exact offering, $2,718,281,828, is the product of “e” and $1bn, where “e” is the base of the natural logarithm — a logarithm especially useful in calculus — and equals 2.718281828….

Google really should have multipled by pi instead. 😉 Quote: Ryan Liegel

Google is awesome. My only concern over their IPO is that they will keep functioning the way they are now. When they go public, will they be allowed to make last second press releases as they did with Gmail? I sure hope so…

This article, Google does things differently has some interesting points. Larry Page (one of the founders of Google) says that “Google is not a conventional company…Don’t be evil…[The company’s aim is to] do things that matter [and do] good things [for people, even at the expense of short-term profit.]

I hope this type of attitude continues.

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