electric commuter cars

Live in Los Angeles or another huge metropolitan area? Do you find yourself stuck in 8 lanes of traffic with the A/C on because the car exhaust is too overwhelming with the windows down? Then you might want to get an electric commuter car. Currently, the two best, or actually, the only two high performance ones that I know of are: The Tango and The TZero. Previous electric cars had slow acceleration despite structural changes to make the car as light as possible to get the most oomph from the motor. These electric cars can travel two abreast on a standard highway and weigh as much as a Toyota Camry. Acceleration is very quick as both cars 0-60 MPH time is around 4 seconds! I’m not sure about the TZero, but the Tango holds two people and can fit 4 of these cars in the standard size parallel parking spot. Also, their top speed is over 120 MPH and stability is great since the center of gravity is low to the ground. The TZero page even shows the results of it versus Ferraris, Corvettes, and Porsches: You guessed it, the TZero beats these high performance cars in a 6500 foot race way.

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