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Apple and Greenpeace butt heads again

In this article on Appleinsider, Apple calls into question Greenpeace’s analysis of their new data centers.

In the forum there’s a hilarious comment that I wanted to share, hill60 says,

I got the inside scoop from Mike Daisey, Apple built a secret tunnel from the Foxconn factories of China to North Carolina, they use the twelve year old workers they are hiding from labour inspectors to mine coal and use it in their secret underground power plant, the children are fed on whale meat by products from Apple’s whaling fleet, the whale oil is used to lubricate MacBook keyboards, not only that the rare Brazilian rainforest trees being cut down for Foxconns plants in Brazil are being used as props in the mineshafts where the twelve year olds work 27 hours a day, 9 days a week.

The iPhone Revolution

The smartphone industry as a whole has a lot to thank for Apple. Without the innovative iPhone, smartphones would still be years behind where they are now. In the next few months, smartphones are finally being released that are comparable to the user interface on original and 3g iPhone. What’s amazing is that these phones are being compared to a UI and hardware that is largely unchanged for almost two years. Despite this, the iPhone, as it is now, still compares very well to this new breed of inspired smartphones. But, competition is a great thing and just as these phones come out, Apple will be releasing its next generation iPhone, resetting the bar higher for smartphones another two years down the line. My two-year contract expires this September and by that time (hopefully in June), the next gen iPhone will be released. I can’t wait!

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Shoe Circus Microsoft Video

Here is Microsoft’s attempt to compete with Apple in advertising. It is kind of funny in the sense of a what-the-heck-is-going-on thing. It is hard to tell if anything is actually advertised. The trick is to wait until the end and look for the symbol that Microsoft uses for Windows Vista.

The Untold iPhone Story

It was a late morning in the fall of 2006. Almost a year earlier, Steve Jobs had tasked about 200 of Apple’s top engineers with creating the iPhone. Yet here, in Apple’s boardroom, it was clear that the prototype was still a disaster. It wasn’t just buggy, it flat-out didn’t work. The phone dropped calls constantly, the battery stopped charging before it was full, data and applications routinely became corrupted and unusable. The list of problems seemed endless. At the end of the demo, Jobs fixed the dozen or so people in the room with a level stare and said, “We don’t have a product yet.”

The effect was even more terrifying than one of Jobs’ trademark tantrums. When the Apple chief screamed at his staff, it was scary but familiar. This time, his relative calm was unnerving. “It was one of the few times at Apple when I got a chill,” says someone who was in the meeting.

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This article is very detailed and is a great read. I just wish I could afford one. Oh well, the iPhone will just be that much better when I get out of school and start making some money.