Update on credit card

Just got a call from the Bank of America fraud alert. Someone in China tried to buy $700+ dollars at a boutique store and $90 at something called “Noapple” today. The crazy thing was that this card number was getting changed anyway (re: my last post). I guess this just forces my hand earlier to update the auto-payments. The good news was that Bank of America had declined these transactions so the scammers didn’t steal anything. Hopefully Bank of America catches these horrible people.

Reminds me of a story on heard on 620 WTMJ yesterday and this morning: Police in downtown Milwaukee shot and killed a bank robber after he opened fire on them during his escape. While his cousin claims that he was a “good guy,” turns out he was actually on parole for robbing the exact bank that he robbed again yesterday. Police also have video of him robbing two other banks over the last few months in the greater Milwaukee area. Milwaukee-Journal Sentinel article here.

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