Badgers Beat OSU, the #1 ranked team

Probably the most exciting Badger game that I was at was in 2003 when we ended the Buckeyes 19 game winning streak (off of winning the championship the prior season). I believe they were #2 in the country at that time. Well, I wish I had been at this game because the Wisconsin Badgers just beat Ohio State again, this time with them ranked #1. First time we’ve beaten a #1 since sometime in the 80’s when we beat Michigan.

Here’s a funny Craigslist post that I found on Twitter:

A Salute to all Badgers – From a Wolverine

Greetings and Salutations to all Badger fans
Let me begin by saying that in my younger days I tended bar at an establishment within walking distance of the Big House. I always looked forward to a home game against Wisconsin, because for my money the traveling Badger fans are the best in the Big Ten (Penn State a close second). Always cordial and friendly even after journeying a considerable distance with only the hope of seeing some good football, you are always welcome here in Ann Arbor, as is your football team which is as tenacious as its mascot.

Congratulations on tonight’s vanquishing of the evil Buckeyes, who as we all know are in league with Satan. My condolences to your citizens who will have to clean up the destroyed hotel rooms and mop up the cheap beer vomit inevitably left behind by the cretinous fans of THE Ohio State University after a road loss (what’s with the “the OSU” anway…give me a break). Rest assured that they treat their own squalid trailer homes no better. I’ve always thought that a horde of Orcs would be a refreshing change from the Buckeyes, as they smell better and have a vocabulary larger than “Michigan sucks!!” I guess they say “Wisconsin Sucks!” while in Madison, but since you wear red as well they just may think you’re all OSU fans who didn’t have time to grow a mullet.

To show our appreciation, when you come here Nov. 20 to play the Maize and Blue, we have arranged a most uncommon show of courtesy: During the game, our quarterback(s) will throw the ball to your players, not just once, but several times. You can’t get more courteous than that, at least not during the game.

My high school fight song was sung to the tune of “On Wisconsin”, and I’ve always considered it to be the second best fight song in college football. I’ve also had the pleasure to visit your fair city twice in the past year, and it is indeed as lovely as I had been told, and the bratwurst as tasty could be. If I had to nitpick, I would say that you could do more to discourage your young men from growing those ill-considered whaling captain beards, (I was there once in the winter), but the folly of youth is easily excused.

Best wishes to all Badger faithful in all your endeavors, except of course the one day a year when our teams meet. I know we haven’t been giving you much of a game lately, but give it a couple of years. By that time we will have cast aside the faddish spread offense, and the legendary Michigan Man Jim Harbaugh will have returned to lead us to smash-mouth Big Ten glory once again. That day cannot come soon enough.


A Wolverine

p.s. Go Blue!

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