80/35 Music Concert in Des Moines

I’m living in Des Moines now for internship. I had call on Saturday (delivered my first baby!) but was able to attend the rainy Sunday show at 80/35, a mostly rock/indie concert. I got there too late to warrant paying the extra money for the main stage ticket, but there were some great musicians at the free stages too. Dar Williams was especially good. I had missed Sara Watkins‘ performance early in the day so it was great to have her come on the stage with her fiddle and join Dar Williams. I love that blue grass/ folk music.

Between Dar Williams and The Heavy, there was a Middle Eastern bellydancing show. I got my iPhone out to take a video of some of it.

Later in the night we were able to watch the big TV screen from the free section where Modest Mouse was playing on the main stage. Not too long later they opened the main stage up for everyone. We also randomly met up with some other residents that we had met at our ACLS training.

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