Coke Natural?

I still love the taste of a true Coca Cola, especially on a hot summer day after a hard day of sailing. I hate the taste of diet sodas. However, now it is usually the calorie-free Coke Zero because I’m probably stuck inside studying. Anyway, the taste is “okay.” It is definitely not a true replica of the original (proven by a blinded test when Coke Zero first came out), like the taste infringement lawsuit commercials jokingly imply. It isn’t horrible like the diet varieties (or worse, a Pepsi). This is where Stevia comes in. I had first heard of this sweetener by reading the ingredients on my 100% Natural Whey protein, which is sweetened by stevia. Truvia is a “great tasting, zero-calorie sweetener made from rebiana, the best tasting part of the stevia leaf.” Coca Cola and Cargill have been working on this and, according to the website, will have it available sometime in 2008. On paper it looks great: zero calories and can be used in cooking applications. Its taste is supposed to be good too. Here’s hoping that it will taste just like the original Coke but have no calories! (I also think we should drop the high fructose corn syrup and go back to cane sugar…)

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