171 Starbucks in 24 Hours

Here’s a story about a guy who attempted to visit all Starbucks stores in Manhattan in 24 hours.

Turns out, there are 176 stores in Manhattan, but a few of those, like the one in J.P. Morgan’s headquarters, are off limits to the public. So Malkoff, a comedian who works as the audience coordinator at The Colbert Report, set out to hit all the stores he could—171 of them—in 24 hours, saving his $369.14 in receipts to prove it.

And here’s the play-by-play diary of his adventures.

This blog has some more details and a video of feat. This guy writes, “What’s amazing about this, is not that someone was crazy enough to try such a feat – but the fact there are actually 171 Starbucks outlets packed into 23 square miles.”

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