A Spider in an Online Mortgage Ad

I can’t remember where I saw this advertisement, but it was for the LowerMyBills.com place where they offer a “deal” on a refinanced mortgage. (This is probably legitimate, but I would not even consider this place for a mortgage based on this ad.)

Strange Ad

The advertisement was in Flash or an animated GIF because she looked normal until the spider crawled onto her shirt at which point she froze with the scared expression that I captured here. Yep, this really makes me want to buy a mortgage if I was on the verge before. I honestly can’t think of anything positive about this ad. I could possibly see how a spider crawling onto a shirt could advertise a financial product, but it would require some seriously creative wording that this ad lacks.

2 thoughts on “A Spider in an Online Mortgage Ad

  1. mortgagesspecialist

    I was also out of words on what should I say about the animated GIF that you are pertaining to. I can’t find the relevance of a spider into a mortgage plan. Its probably some tricks of the ads for the viewers to catch.

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