OS X Leopard: A beautiful upgrade

I was very happy to see that Apple’s latest operating system, Leopard, will be available at Apple Stores worldwide on Friday, October 26th at 6pm. (Or in 8 days, 19 hours, 57 minutes, and 20 seconds at the time of this writing…) AppleInsider has been doing incredibly detailed (full of a lot of history) write-ups looking at some the new features/apps in Leopard. RoughlyDrafted has a post with all these “Road to Mac OS X Leopard” articles.

Here is an article I found that makes me even more excited to finally get my hands on Leopard. Unfortunately for me, the release is the weekend before a microbiology exam, a psychiatry exam, and a microbiology lab exam… I’ll have to see how the studying is going to determine if I’ll install it right away or wait until the exams are done. I’m worried that my studying might suffer if I choose to install it on Friday.

Finally, a PC Unix that everyone can love. OS X Leopard is a triumph of customer-focused engineering.

Apple’s announcement of the impending delivery of OS X Leopard (release 10.5 of Mac and Xserve operating systems) marks the public debut of an engineering achievement that dwarfs iPhone, iPod, Windows, and Linux. No other PC server vendor, with the notable exception of Sun Microsystems, invests so much time and manpower in its system software.

In 10 days — 10 excruciating days — I and hundreds of Mac developers and VIP users can finally speak out about that which we have sworn to hold secret. Leopard is magnificent code architected from the user in, rather than from core technology out. …

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