What if Nature Disappeared?

Here is a poem that I wrote for my 8th grade Language Arts class in, I think, 1997. It was mailed to me by my 8th grade teacher who just recently retired. You can see that some of my rhymes and word choices were stretching a little.

What if Nature Disappeared?
What would we lose,
And who would care,
If the seasons were gone,
Never to be repaired.

But, you may ask,
How could that come to be,
The seasons have been going
For many centuries.

Hopefully they won’t cease
Because we will then lose
The beautiful qualities that
We now love to endure.

Spring is the first,
In this cycle through time,
With its glorious colors
Opening wide.

Then comes Summer,
Hot and bright,
Filling our day with
Endless sunlight.

Next arrives Fall,
On a swirl of leaves,
With cool air bringing
Riddance to all the bees.

Finally Winter follows,
Slowly at first,
Then it becomes cold
With a burst!

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