American Dad Newspaper Headlines

I’m going to keep track of all the Langley Falls Post headlines from the new TV show, American Dad (written by the creator of Family Guy).

Episode 1: Democratic Party Missing: Feared Dead
Episode 2: Stuff Happens As Wave of Ambiguity Spreads
Episode 3: Optimist Drowns in Half-Full Tub
Episode 4: Hooker Killed for Heart of Gold

As you can see, due to a vacation I’ve got quite far behind in keeping these updated. Can you please post a comment with the episodes that I have missed? Thanks! (August 24, 2005)

Update (9/28/2008): Newspaper headlines on American Dad Wikia is place to go for Newspaper headline updates

2 thoughts on “American Dad Newspaper Headlines

  1. Psyonic

    105-Roger Codger-Economy Turns Corner, Falls Down Stairs
    106-Homeland Insecurity-Missing Twins Found In Gingerbread House
    107-Deacon Stan Jesus Man-Bush Family Finally Gets Joke About Last Name
    108-Bullocks to Stan-
    109-A Smith in the Hand-Izrael Pulls Out Of Gaza, Gaza Not Pregnant
    110-All About Steve-Gas Prices Higher Then Dude At Weezer Concert
    111-Con Heir-Scientist Discovers Wife Cheating
    112-Stan of Arabia (pt1)-
    113-Stan of Arabia (pt1)-
    114-Stannie Get Your Gun-Big Bird Dead Of Big Avian Flu
    115-Star Trek-Bush Appoints Stephen King As Ambassador To Terror
    116-Desperate Housewives-Clever Bumper Sticker Ends Abortion Debate
    117-Rough Trade-Britany Spears’ Baby To Enter Pre-Hab
    118-Finances With Wolves-
    119-It’s Good To Be The Queen-
    120-Roger N’ Me-
    121-Helping Hands-
    122-With Friends Like Steve’s-
    123-Tears Of A Clooney-

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