Mullah Nasruddin

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One day the Mullah went into an inn as he felt a little hungry. However, he found at once the food there was too expensive for him. He was just about to leave when the innkeeper came up to him.
“Do you think you can leave without paying?” said the innkeeper.
“Why should I pay since I haven’t eaten anything here?” asked Nasruddin.
“Then why did you come in?”
“I found your food smelt good,but it was too expensive for me!”
“Well, now that you’ve enjoyed smelling my food, it is the same as enjoying the food itself, so you have to pay.”
“The mullah frowned at the innkeeper’s words, then smiled and took out his purse, jingling the coins in it:
“Do you hear the sound of my money?”
“Yes,I do.” the innkeeper said in excitement.
“Then we have concluded business!” cried Nasruddin, “That sound is the same as enjoying the money itself!”

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