Monk Super Glues Eyes Shut

February 22, 2005
Bangkok: An elderly Thai monk accidentally glued his eye shut when he mistook a tube of super glue for eyedrops, media reports said yesterday.

Monk Prapatworakhun, 81, who is now undergoing treatment at Angthong Hospital, 110km from the capital, said he accidently took the super glue from his temple’s drug cabinet while looking for eye drops to relieve a severe eye itch last Thursday.

“I squeezed out several drops on the floor and saw a clear liquid, so I put four drops into each eye,” Prapatworakhun told The Nation newspaper from his hospital bed.
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“In about a minute, my eyes felt cold and then sealed closed,” said the monk.

Eye specialists at the hospital said the monk was undergoing treatment to remove the glue from his eyes, adding they would have to wait until he could reopen them before they could determine the extent of damage.

February 23, 2005
Bangkok: Thai doctors have restored the sight of an elderly Buddhist monk who accidentally glued his eyes shut when he mistook a tube of super glue for eyedrops.

Doctors at Angthong Hospital restored sight in the right eye of 81-year-old monk, Prapatworakhun.
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Doctor Banjob Nimitpornsukho said they had used an acetone solvent. A similar operation would be performed on the left eye. – Sapa-DPA

This is funny, but I’m glad to see that his vision was restored.

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