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Like the new titles? It is the result of a sweet plugin made over at Coldforged. I’m having some problems with the anti-aliased soft shadows, but that seems to be more of a problem with my hosting than the plugin. Integration with WordPress 1.5 is outstanding. Should I want to switch fonts I would just upload the new font, select it in the headline admin menu, and, voila, the titles are now displayed with the new font.

The owner of Coldforged actually helped me set it up and was very nice. The support that he provided was top-notch.

This is the page with the comments for the Image Headline Plugin
Download and Setup Instructions

1 thought on “Image Headline Plugin for WordPress

  1. ColdForged

    Thanks for the kind words. Those headlines actually look mighty nice for a “classic” shadow. Rest assured I have some ideas on how to get you going with the soft-shadows, it’ll just require a little bit of time.

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